About us

At Stb, we believe in connecting: our software connects data, processes and people. Our belief in connecting is also reflected in our working method. We go for a long-term relationship with dedication, transparency and innovation as our core values. We’ve been doing that for over 25 years.

Stb offers its clients a complete, dedicated software package. This excellent standard software can easily be converted into a tailored solution to match any company’s needs. USG, Rentokil, WHO and Mosadex are examples of large organisations that have chosen for Stb.

We know all there is to know about our clients, as well as the sectors in which they operate. By working with us they get complete peace of mind with regard to their IT processes.

”EFR is a unique tool, that enables us, as professionals, to optimize our care records and thus to provide good, safe healthcare services.“
Dr. Jesper Smeek


We are very dedicated to our clients. It’s not something imposed on us, it is our second nature. We are there for our clients as their partner. We continually strive to achieve optimal results together. We stand by your side to help you set change in motion and stay with you until your new working method has been implemented successfully. And you may continue to count on us after the implementation process.


Stb is a Dutch company founded in 1992. We serve over 300 clients, the vast majority of whom we’ve been working with for many years. Reliability and transparency are among our key values.


Innovation is very important in our line of work. Renewal and growth are key values in our business. We use the latest technologies and keep a constant eye on trends and developments. By focusing on the latest developments and innovations in your sector we are able to provide you with up-to-date services. “Stb answers my future questions today,” as a client once put it.